needs a relook

Sun 26 October 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

My viewpoint of

A lot has been said and written about I don't have much to add because these folks have already written quite a few convincing things. I really appreciate their views though some of them are very radical and personal.

I would …

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Sad state of politics...

Sat 25 October 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Sad state of politics...

First let me talk about politicians in my own state of Andhra Pradesh. For the past few years, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) had been supporting the cause for the united state of Andhra Pradesh. While the Congress, being an opportunistic party, went into a pre-poll …

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Long time, no post...

Fri 24 October 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Long time, no post...

It's been a long time, since I posted content in the blog. There have been quite a few reasons for that and I primarily blame laziness.

Just a quick update of what has been going on in my life:

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Off to's calling

Sat 31 May 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Off to Chennai....Life's calling

The blog title says it all. I am moving to Chennai to take up a job with a subsidiary of Citigroup. So for now, it is Aadab Hyderabad and Vanakkam Chennai. If you want to contact me check out the contact page or the about …

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Enable/Disable CPUs dynamically in Linux

Fri 09 May 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Enable/Disable Multi CPUs in GNU/Linux

This is a wonderful feature of the Linux kernel. Being able to dynamically enable and disable multiple CPUs (all this without rebooting).

To check if you have multiple CPUs

$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor       : 0
vendor_id       : GenuineIntel
cpu family      : 6
model           : 15
model name …
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WPA2 on Linux

Thu 08 May 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Setting up WPA2 on Linux

Recently Binand pointed me to DD-WRT (free Linux based firmware for Linksys' WRT54G Series). Since I owned that series of the router, I installed it on my router. It looks really very cool especially with those awesome javascript effects. It also came with support for …

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Thu 17 April 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya revamped

Django has been evolving quietly but steadily. 6 months back when I deployed my site, I gambled and used newforms-admin to be able to experiment. Later, I realized that my blog had a few readers and experimentation would piss them off. Despite this, I managed to redesign …

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Learning Python 1

Tue 08 April 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Interesting aspect of Python : 1

Yesterday I learnt an interesting aspect of python called closures.

def a(aa1, aa2=10):
     def b(bb1, bb2=aa2):
             print aa1, aa2, bb1, bb2
     return b

>>> a(20)(5)

What is the output?

The answer by intuition would have been …

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Useful yet underutilized commands

Sun 30 March 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Useful yet underutilized commands

Recently, I have started looking towards system programming (thanks to my arm processor project). While I was glancing through the manual pages, I noticed these commands that are extremely useful but rarely used (or probably implicity used).

Here they are:

  • csplit: split a file into sections …
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A USB Drive full of viruses

Mon 03 March 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

A USB Drive Full of Viruses

Yesterday, when I plugged in my usb stick onto a college computer little did I realize that it would get infected with hundreds of viruses. Not that I am bothered by these viruses because I use GNU/Linux. I just wanted to safeguard my …

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