bids adieu to Webfaction

Wed 29 October 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya bids adieu to Webfaction

As some of you might have observed (or even if you didn't observe), my site now isn't hosted with Webfaction anymore. I have moved to Gandi's VPS service. The VPS service by Gandi is quite cheap and reliable. I have been using it ever since the beta stage and recommend it.

For people wondering the motive behind my move, here are a few advantages and disadvantages of a VPS over shared hosting.


  • You have the root (superuser) password, so you can make or break your system.
  • Usually VPS' have more memory than shared hosting.


  • A VPS has to be configured and secured before you start hosting your apps. This step is not for the lazy or for the hasties (if I can call them so!). If you have no idea of system administration, stick to a shared hosting.

I was with webfaction for more than 1.5 years and enjoyed every single day with them. They have the easiest and most intuitive control panel that helps you host your apps within a few minutes of signing up and their customer service rocks!!! The saddest part is the memory limit they impose on the long-running processes (servers and other software if you have). And the pain taken to install other custom software (if they don't have it) is not worth it.

Bye bye webfaction, I will miss you. But the day you open a VPS (I hope you do)... I will be back!!!