The Kite Runner

Sat 03 August 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Generally, I don't pick up books after I have watched it's movie adaptation. I don't know what was going on in my head when I picked up "The Kite Runner". The movie moved me to tears and I wasn't sure if I was comfortable revisiting it.

"The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini is the story of Amir and his closest friend Hassan. Though they are friends, Hassan also happens to be the son of his servant. The sectarian nature of the then Afghani society complicates their relationship further.

Amir betrays his friend and lives with that guilt life long. The guilt follows him to America which has offered him asylum. Many years later he is given a chance at redeeming himself. Will he take up the chance to make amends with Hassan? Or will he let his new life in America come in the way?

Both the book and the movie are well done and equally powerful. Choose the medium that you prefer but do check it out.

The Old Man and the Sea

Sun 28 July 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

This novella by Ernest Hemingway describes the story of an old fisherman and a marlin. Santiago has had months without a catch and he is written off as "The unlucky one". His young apprentice is also forbidden by parents from joining the old man. Though the boy cannot fish with …

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Gone Girl

Sat 27 July 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

"Gone Girl" is an amazing thriller of a wife who goes missing while planning for her fifth marriage anniversary. The husband finds himself implicated in her missing. He has to make use of the clues that his wife has left him in the anniversary treasure hunt to learn more about …

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One flew over the cuckoo's nest

Wed 17 July 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

This book had been recommended by many as a good case-study of sociopathic personalities (people identified their bosses, teachers etc as the Nurse Ratched in their lives). "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" is set in a psychiatric facility with Nurse Ratched, an emotionally manipulative nurse, as the chief overseer …

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Thu 11 July 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

"Homodeus: A brief history of tomorrow" is supposed to be the sequel to the wildly popular Homosapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. As the title suggests, it is a set of predictions by the author that will elevate the human race to the level of god (Deus is latin for "god …

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Einstein: His Life and Universe

Sun 30 June 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

"Einstein: His Life and Universe" is the biography of scientist Albert Einstein written by Walter Isaacson (who also authored Steve Jobs biography). Generally one would expect that a lot of focus would be on Einstein's scientific career but Isaacson devotes far more to Einstein's personal and political life.

I started …

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The Handmaid's Tale

Tue 30 April 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

"The Handmaid's Tale" is a dystopian novel along the lines of "1984" and "A Brave New World" with the distinction that it's narrated through the voice of a woman (one largely absent in the other two books). Offred (a name assigned) is a handmaid to a wife and her primary …

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Life of Pi

Mon 15 April 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

When life gives you no choices, would you still stick to your beliefs and values? Or let practicality dictate your decisions? "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel explores these questions through the life of Piscine Patel aka Pi. The Patel family is based out of Pondicherry and run the city …

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The Agony and The Ecstacy

Sun 31 March 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

"The agony and the ecstacy" is a biographical novel written by Irving Stone on the master sculptor, Michelangelo Buonarroti. Irving Stone relies mostly on Michelangelo's correspondence and the Buonarroti chroniclers for earlier history.

Despite being a master marble sculptor, Michelangelo was forced to take commissions on material he hadn't worked …

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Florence: The biography of a city

Fri 22 March 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Another book by Christopher Hibbert and this is mostly a repetition of "The rise and fall of Medici" with a fast narration before and after the Medicis. The difference being a little more emphasis on the monuments of Florence. Possibly a good guide book if you are planning to visit …

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