My Muttrc

Thu 13 September 2018 by Thejaswi Puthraya

I have been using Mutt, a text-based email client for ages for some self-hosted email that I use internally. Someone recently asked me to share my .muttrc and so here goes:

set editor = "emacs -nw"

set mbox_type=Maildir
set mbox="~/Mail/Inbox"
set spoolfile="~/Mail/Inbox"
set folder="~/Mail/"
set record="~/Mail/Sent/"
set postponed="~/Mail/Drafts"

unset record
set my_pass = "password"
set my_user = "username"
set my_host = ""
set realname = "John Doe"

set pop_user = $my_user
set pop_pass = $my_pass
set pop_host = $my_host
set pop_host = pops://$pop_user:$pop_pass@$pop_host

set from = ""
set use_from = yes
set envelope_from = yes

set smtp_url = smtp://$my_user:$my_pass@$my_host:25/
set ssl_starttls = yes
set ssl_force_tls = yes
set ssl_verify_host = no