Rendevouz with Firefox 3 beta 2

Sun 06 January 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Rendevouz with Firefox3

I have been using Firefox2 for quite a long time and had a hell lot of complaints about it. One was with its memory hogging nature and the other one was with its rendering capabilities.

I decided to try on Firefox 3 (beta 2) after hearing some rave reviews and here is my observation (not a research though). Firefox 3 has slimmed down to look svelte. To test it, I left the browser on for 18 hours without closing it for one second and I periodically kept loading gmail and digg through a python script (that used the webbrowser module). The browser survived and I noticed after the test that it had eaten only 76 MB of my memory. Not bad from what I have seen from Firefox2. Another joyful news is that Firefox 3 (beta 2) passes the Acid2 test.

Here's a proof to that.

Firefox 3 beta 2 passes the Acid2 test

An impact of passing the Acid2 test. using Firefox 2 using Firefox 3 beta 2

Currently most plugins and extensions don't work properly but the browser is still in development and I am sure by the time the browser is released all such minor issues would be sorted out.

Well done Firefox devs!!!