Recently, I had a requirement for a personal simple wiki. I checked out various options like TiddlyWiki, MoinMoin and MediaWiki but wanted something very simple and something that didn't use a database server or flat files and was portable (and hostable). So I quickly wrote up a wiki that used couchdb as its backend and django for the web app.

Couchdb stores the revisions of the edits and so I could always revert to a previous version if required. It also saved me the need of installing an RDBMS.

I released the code for the app at github. It's quite rudimentary at the stage but should be good enough for personal use. Hopefully, with a little more time and effort, I should be able to achieve what I set out for. (Check a demo). Just create a page of your choice by directing your browser to it.

Note: User registration is blocked at the moment. But feel free to edit and create pages anonymously.

Interested in trying out the code on your machine?


  • Fetch the auth and sessions backends for couchdb from here and add them to the INSTALLED_APPS in your project's as per the instructions. Also requires couchdb-python.
  • Place the wiki app and reference it too in the INSTALLED_APPS.
  • Append the wiki/templates directory (with the absolute path) in the TEMPLATE_DIRS attribute of the
  • Add a pointer to the wiki URL and account urls in your like
(r'^wiki/', include('wiki.urls'))
(r'^accounts/', include('django.contrib.auth.urls'))
  • Add the following attributes to your

    COUCHDB_HOST = 'http://path_to_couchdb_server:port_num/'
    # If you don't want unauthenticated users to create
    # pages, then set the below attribute to False
    # The below attribute is optional, if not specified
    # it redirects to an empty page.
    WELCOME_PAGE = '/path/to/default/star/up/page/'
  • Your wiki is ready!

Please let me know how you feel about this app.