I can't believe I had been living under a rock all this while! How could I have missed Pinax? I knew it existed but was under a wrong impression that it was only for the social stuff.

Recently, I forced myself to look at Pinax for a project and after evaluating it, I must admit that I was blown off my feet. It is really awesome! If django is a "web framework for perfectionists with deadlines" then Pinax is "the fastest way to develop awesome django apps without repeating and embarassing yourself".

Coming to the point of this post, I have managed to port the fossconf app that powered Pycon India 2009 to Pinax. Actually, I have not ported all the features but the current version is fairly usable. I would love to hear feedback from you regarding the app that I named Confista (Conference + Assistant). I know the name sucks but could not think of something better! If you wish to contribute to the project, please fork the code and suggest improvements.

And there is another Pinax based project underway to power the Avayam Trust site that I am associated with as a web master.