Two weeks back, my office work hours changed. It couldn't have been more inconvenient, from 4:30am every morning.

I was really pissed and no matter how much I tried to plead for a slight delay to 6:30am or for a status quo, no one responded.

The first couple of days, I went hungry till 8am when most restaurants opened around office. It was difficult to work on an empty stomach. My mother recommended a healthy and quick recipe. It was "Flattened rice mixed with Curd". This recipe is very much similar to Curd rice but can be prepared within a couple of minutes.

The ingredients for this recipe are:

If you don't have a refrigerator to store curd, no problem. Here's another tip again from my mother to prevent the curd from fermenting. Just place the curd you purchased/prepared the previous day and place it in a vessel that is partially immersed in water.

Back to the recipe, just soak the flattened rice for two minutes in water. Then take this flattened rice and mix it with curd. Done! Add pickle or salt or any other side dish as per your taste. Healthy and real quick!

Atleast now, I don't have to go hungry till 8am but what about 'lack of sleep' :( ? Does anyone have any tips for this?