Akbar: The Great Mughal

Wed 31 March 2021 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Jalaluddin was 13 when his father Humayun passed away, a reign that was precarious. There were many claimants to the throne, from the Surs who were dethroned by Humayun, to brothers of Humayun and even the Adil Shahs from the south.

Until he came of age, Akbar was placed under the regency of Bairam Khan and the women of his household like Gulbadan Begum (sister of Humayun) and Maham Anga (foster mother of Akbar) acted like a counterbalance.

After he took over the reins, he began assimilating neighbouring provinces either through conquests or through alliances. Once he secured the borders, a period of relative peace began that lasted throughout his reign. This allowed Akbar to reform his administration and ruminate on theology.