One Hundred Years of Solitude

Tue 01 October 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

This is the first book in my life for which I had to build and constantly keep referring to a family tree. With so many characters (most with the same name!), the book gets confusing and inter-breeding and incest only adds to the disgust.

"One Hundred Years of Solitude" is Gabriel Garcia Marquez's fictional history of a town in Colombia and it's first family - the Buendias. Spanning over multiple generations, the family's fortunes are linked with that of the town.

While the family boasts of many members during each generation, they are always lonely just like the town which is isolated from the rest of the country by it's location.

The book requires a lot of persistence to complete and I wouldn't blame you if you put it down well before the end.