Thu 05 September 2019 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Adulting is supposed to mean "behaving like an adult" but in the book by Neharika Gupta, there doesn't appear to be anyone that matches this meaning. Ruhi, Aisha and Tejas are the only characters in the book and they behave like immature teenagers.

Ruhi is a workaholic who runs a fledgling publishing house and earning her mother's approval is one of the biggest dreams of her life. Tejas is a first-time author whose book is published by Ruhi's company. He is romantically involved with Ruhi and she goes all out to promote him. She hires Aisha, a social media influencer to promote the publishing house and Tejas. But Aisha has her own demons, she purges her stomach regularly to maintain her appearance on her social feeds. Tejas proposes to Aisha after a few weeks of working together (teenage mistake #2) and hurts Ruhi. Tejas loses his contract with the publishing house and Ruhi's hard work goes down the drain when her mom winds down the publishing house. A cold war ensues between Aisha and Ruhi and Aisha finds herself unemployed. The stress gets to Aisha and she breaks up with Tejas.

Will Tejas make amends and ask for forgiveness from Ruhi and Aisha and finally behave like a responsible adult?