The Godfather

Sun 11 November 2018 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Vito Corleone is the head of the Corleone Family in New York City, one of the most powerful Sicilian families that controls organized crime in the city. He is a friend to those who seek his help and in turn expects a reasonable favour in return when the time arrives. He is worshipped and feared by his men and foes alike.

An attempt is made on the life of the Don by a rival family and he is indisposed. A power struggle erupts in the city with the elder son of the Don taking over the family's businesses and enforcing his will ruthlessly. Other families start facing the heat and plot to eliminate him. The youngest son of the Don who isn't connected with the family business gets dragged into this bloody affair and has to flee the country. The elder son is assassinated during an operation and the Don has to step in to take back control. He gathers all the families and threshes out a peace plan to prevent more bloodshed. In the meantime, he makes arrangements to get his youngest son back and succeed in the family business.

Will Micheal Corleone, the youngest of the sons, stays true to his Sicilian blood and avenge his family or abide by his father's peace deal with the Mafiosa like an obedient Sicilian son?