How to create a mind

Sat 02 December 2017 by Thejaswi Puthraya

The human brain is a masterpiece! It can recognize so many patterns and store a lot of memories. But how did the brain evolve and can it be mathematically simulated? Ray Kurzweil's book - "How to create a mind", answers these questions through a series of thought experiments.

Through these experiments, he concludes that the brain is a pattern recognition system based on the Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model. He claims that in the not so distant future scientists will be able to not only build an artificial brain but also surpass it. He makes a prediction that when this happens, humans will begin to supplant their brains with additional intelligence to make us smarter!

I don't have much idea of the workings of the brain but I find it hard to believe that something as complex as the working of the human brain could be distilled into a single algorithm.