Why I killed Gandhi?

Mon 02 October 2017 by Thejaswi Puthraya

It was a coincidence that I started reading this book on the birth anniversary of Gandhi. "Why I killed Gandhi" is a transcript of the defence put up by Nathuram Godse in court. The foreword to this short book quotes a judge who claims that if the Indian legal system allowed for a jury, Godse would've been exonerated by the force of his arguments.

If you've heard some of the later politicians disparaging Gandhi, most of them would be passing off Godse's reasons for the assassination. So there's nothing new that you might not be aware of. Godse held Gandhi the primary reason for the partition, the subsequent massacre of Hindus and the appeasement of Muslims. He claimed to have freed the Congress party from being held hostage to the whims of an irrational old man.