The Razor's Edge

Fri 28 July 2017 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Can an incident in life affect you so much that you are willing to sacrifice your career and your love? Larry returns from the first world war as a different person. His lover, Isabel is anxious about their future together. Larry breaks the engagement because he wants answers to some questions about life.

Somerset Maugham, the author, plays a small role in this novel. He plays a writer constantly moving to and fro between America and Europe and bumping into the various characters. During one such instance, he runs into Larry who narrates his story of travel to India where he attains spiritual knowledge from the spiritual gurus.

Isabel gets married in the meantime into a rich family and she learns of Larry's story from Somerset Maugham. She cannot forget him and starts worrying about his life.

Will Isabel be able to seduce Larry back into the materialistic society or will he be able to convince her to an austere lifestyle?