Seabiscuit: An American Legend

Wed 29 March 2017 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Seabiscuit was the horse that held up the spirits of not just it's owner but thousands of Americans during the Great Depression. The horse had gone unnoticed until it came into the stable of Charles Howard, a successful America car dealer. Charles Howard appointed Tom Smith to train the horse and his first task was to reduce the horse's weight and get him fit. Red Pollard was picked as the horse's jockey and they participated in a few races. Tom Smith quickly recognized it's potential and relied on his unorthodox techniques to improve the horse's performance.

Within an year, the horse started winning almost every competition on the West coast. Word spread and Charles Howard had the horse sent by train to conquer the East coast. Here too the horse won quite a few races and had only to win against the East coast's favourite, War Admiral. Despite public demand and eagerness of fans and owners, a head to head between the two horses didn't materialize. Charles Howard pins his hopes on such an race to settle the debate on the better of the two horses.

In one of the regular races, Seabiscuit was injured and the media speculated the end of the horse's career. But Tom Smith nursed the horse and Seabiscuit makes a spectacular comeback. It not only shatters quite a few records but goes on to win the coveted "The Hundred Grander".