Chanakya's Chant

Mon 05 August 2013 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Chanakya is possibly the first documented king maker of Indian history and is well known for his masterpiece, Artha Shastra (the knowledge of wealth). As a child, I heard numerous stories of how he schemed and employed unconventional techniques to achieve his goals.

My expectations were pegged higher when I learnt that this wily character was the protagonist. Ashwin Sanghi has masterfully handled narrating two different yet similar stories set in different periods.

Gangadhar Mishra, is an unassuming professor whose 'sole' aim is to install a national ruler much like Chanakya's aim of having Chandragupta Maurya ascend the throne of Magadha. The novel narrates their path to the goal.

This book is riveting but for the ending where the interlinking of the stories falls flat.