The world of Nagaraj

Fri 24 May 2013 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Having inherited well, Nagaraj has no need to earn for a living and so his day is very leisurely spent. His begins his day early with a prayer, a relaxed coffee followed by charitable accounting at for his friend Coomar at the Boeing saree shop.

One fine day, Tim leaves home after a disagreement with his father (Nagaraj's elder brother) and lands at Nagaraj's. Tim's father has a low opinion of his brother and this adds an additional burden on Nagaraj to ensure Tim's comfort. Tim misuses this liberty and comes home late in the nights stinking of liquor. Nagaraj does not want to displease Tim and get an earful from his brother and so maintains the status quo.

With every midnight encounter, Nagaraj's peace of mind slips away and he has to figure out a way to guide Tim back while balancing the fragile relationship with his brother. Will Nagaraj succeed in his plan or will all hell break loose?

This story is the handiwork of R K Narayan, need I say more?