The vendor of sweets

Tue 16 April 2013 by Thejaswi Puthraya

What happens when your children don't believe in the values you live by? "The vendor of sweets" is a classic story that narrates this. Jagan is a sweet vendor at R K Narayan's Magludi who believes in everything organic and Gandhiji's way of life.

His son Mali grows up to like literature and goes abroad to become a writer. Grudgingly, Jagan let's his son have his way. Two years later, Mali returns with Grace, a foreign bride and a grand business plan! Mali tries to convince Jagan to invest in his business but Jagan is adamant. Will Mali be able to kick start his business or will Jagan manage to turn around his 'foreign' son?

While the story may not be gripping, the characterizations like that of the 'cousin' and treatment is super. The story exposes the generation gap between the father and the son and the hypocrisy of Jagan.