Leadership Wisdom

Tue 29 January 2013 by Thejaswi Puthraya

I am a big fan of Robin Sharma's "The Monk who sold his Ferrari". The story telling technique to communicate personal improvement goals stands out among books of Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey etc.

"Leadership Wisdom by the monk who sold his Ferrari" adopts the same story telling technique to convey leadership values. Julian, a hotshot lawyer reaches Sivana to introspect and learn the secrets of life after recovering from a massive heart attack. At Sivana, set in the peaks of the Himalayas, he learns leadership values from the great sages. The sages instruct him to spread these values far and wide.

Back in America, Julian learns of a friend's company's nose diving fortunes and picks him to pass on the wisdom learnt at Sivana.

If you've read "The Monk who sold his Ferrari", this book can be a bit boring because the story is literally the same and differs in trying to inculcate leadership traits.