Delhi Durbar

Sun 27 January 2013 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Delhi Durbar is the second book (first being Young Turks) in the Raisina Series by Krishan Partap Singh. In this book, Jasjit Sidhu inherits his father's power brokering business after his death and forced to return to India leaving his cushy investment banker job abroad. Here, he finds himself falling all over again for his ex-wife, now the daughter of the President of India while working for the Prime Minister, a betenoire of the President.

This President, a retired Army chief refuses to be bracketed as the constitutional rubber stamp and gets proactive in creating trouble for the PM camp. Sidhu finds himself torn between the love of his life and his job. How he balances the two and prevents his father-in-law from becoming the first dictator of India forms the crux of the story.

Azim Khan and Karan Nehru, the protagonists from the Young Turks play a minor role in this book. Sidhu who is physically tortured by army commandos to leak his camp's secret is willing to die than divulge them but meekly offers them to Azim Khan later in the story because he realizes his patriotic duty is very unconvincing. After reading the book, I was left wondering the connection with the first book and probably this book should've been the first book of the series. If you plan to read the Raisina Series, my recommendation is that you start with the Delhi Durbar before you move on to the rest.