Young Turks

Wed 02 January 2013 by Thejaswi Puthraya

It's our perception that it takes ages to rise in politics and hence it is dominated by the 'old'. The "Young Turks" by Krishan Partap Singh debunks that perception (how I wish it were true in real life). It captures the rise of two friends with contrasting personalities who have found their way into politics through accident.

After school, Karan Nehru and Azim Khan go their separate ways to a career of their choice. But fate reunites them as coalition partners in Delhi as cabinet ministers. They have reached this stage after a lot of manipulation and overcoming political hurdles. When the PM's post is within striking distance, their egos clash and they stop seeing eye to eye. But through mediation, they reach a deal for the post of the PM. Who gains in the deal is the suspense and you have to read it to unravel it.

Though the book is fictional, quite a lot of effort has gone into making it feel authentic like in the references to protocols, parliamentary procedures and locations. The highlight of the book for me was that the politicians are depicted as 'ordinary' humans with their share of vulnerabilities and strengths.