Thank you Jeeves

Sun 23 December 2012 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Can Jeeves be loyal to Bertram Wooster even when not not under his employment? This is the premise of P.G Wodehouse's "Thank you Jeeves". Bertram Wooster is evicted from his apartment and Jeeves resigns unable to bear his master's new found love for the Banjo. Wooster takes refuge at his childhood friend's cottage only to bump into one of his exes and her volatile father. His ex-girlfriend is engaged to his host and despite his efforts to stay away from them, a series of mishaps turn the plot around and his childhood friend suspects he is here to break his engagement and woo his fiance. How Jeeves, now under the employment of Wooster's host and childhood friend extricates him from this delicate situation makes a very interesting story.

It's a trademark Wodehouse with the little twist of Jeeves not being on Wooster's side for most of the story.