Spring Fever

Sat 07 July 2012 by Thejaswi Puthraya

It's common knowledge in PG Wodehouse books that English aristocrats are rich and spend a lot of time socializing with their peers at clubs over lunches. But in "Spring Fever", Lord Shortlands, an Earl is hard pressed and has to depend financially on his eldest daughter. He dotes on his youngest daughter and wants to see her married and has plans of his own like marrying his cook but faces some competition in this regard.

So far this book diverges from the rest but gets into the usual track where a lover impersonates a guest to woo his lady love at a large castle in the countryside but then the real guest steps in and after a series of hilarious events the dust settles and concludes with a happy setting.

This book has nothing new for regular Wodehouse readers but you may love it if this is your first.