The Mating Season

Sat 10 March 2012 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Bertram Wooster is invited to a village to be part of a theatre troupe. Before leaving for the performance, he learns through his friend that his lover is being coaxed to marry her cousin and that Wooster was going to be their guest. After soliciting Jeeves advice, Wooster sets out to the village to give a stellar performance and sort out his friend's love matters. But things go bad at the last minute and Wooster has to improvise until the run up to the play. How Jeeves, Wooster's butler and he manage to fix the 'cross connections' and restore normalcy forms the rest of the story.

Despite a large ensemble of characters and numerous elements of confusion the story is very clear and hilarious. Only one author could have managed this, P.G Wodehouse.