Talkative Man

Sun 29 January 2012 by Thejaswi Puthraya

R K Narayan is the natural choice after a heavy reading. "Talkative Man" is his shortest novel but not devoid of the signature humour or impressionable characters.

The "Talkative Man", a struggling journalist loves a good audience who are willing to lend their ears and he doesn't disappoint them. This time, he narrates the story of Dr. Rann from Timbuktu. Dr. Rann arrives in Malgudi for a UN research project, befriends the Talkative Man (TM) and moves into his house as a guest. TM begins hearing a lot of rumours about Dr. Rann and wants to evict him when an unexpected vistor to Malgudi arrives to assist him. How the visitor and TM conspire to get rid of Dr. Rann and save TM and Malgudi's reputation forms the rest of the story.

"Talkative Man" is yet another charming story from R K Narayan and you will not regret it.