Uncle Fred

Tue 13 December 2011 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Uncle Fred is just like any other caring uncle but with one difference, his knack to invite trouble and then successfully sort it but only after a series of comic events. Lord Frederick Ickenham, better known as Uncle Fred is a lovable character from P.G. Wodehouse's novel series.

While rummaging through the book shelf, I picked up "Uncle Fred, An Omnibus". I read this book many years back but couldn't recollect the stories and so started re-reading it.

Uncle Fred's wife who recognizes his talent for inviting trouble keeps him on a leash. But during her yearly summer outing, Uncle Fred is allowed to visit the town for a short period. All the stories from the omnibus are based during this 'liberated' period.

The omnibus consists of three stories:

  • Uncle Fred in Springtime
  • Uncle Dynamite
  • Cocktail Time

In "Uncle Fred in Springtime", Uncle Fred decides to abduct a pig from it's obsessive master for a friend and simultaneously tries to mend the broken heart of his niece. He does this assuming a false name and the events that ensue are humourous.

Uncle Fred who disapproves his nephew, Pongo Twistleton's engagement to Hermione decides to set the record straight and reunite his nephew with his previous love Sally in the "Uncle Dynamite". In this story, the manipulative nature of Uncle Fred is exhibited very well and Pongo who knows best about his uncle falls prey to his plan.

What starts off as a typical Uncle Fred prank in "Cocktail Time", inspires Raymond Bastable to write a novel ridiculing the younger generation. The book becomes a runaway hit but the author cannot claim it's authorship to prevent his public life and career from getting ruined. Uncle Fred steps in to sort Raymond's sticky problem but goes onto solve a lot more!

The books are from the P.G. Wodehouse stable, what more do I have to say?