Let The People Think

Sat 03 September 2011 by Thejaswi Puthraya

"Let The People Think" is a collection of essays by Bertrand Russell, an English writer, philosopher and mathematician. He was one of the very few English men to profess his anti-war and anti-colonial thoughts during the two world wars and this nearly led to his persecution after being labelled a "traitor". He also championed for other causes like freedom of thought, free love and nuclear disarmament.

The essays discuss a wide array of topics like the importance of scepticism in society, deregulation of education from the hands of the state, free speech and the effect of propaganda on it. He has done quite a lot of research on these topics and backs them up with convincing arguments. I found this book very contextual (despite having been written in the 1920s) in the wake of an anti-corruption movement in India and how media played a massive role in it's success.