Sun 28 August 2011 by Thejaswi Puthraya

"Success", a play directed by Edward Morgan of Theatre MXT (USA) explores the cost of success. Success has lot of meanings and people tend to categorize it further as professional success, academic success etc.

Rick Sterling, a media consultant is sought after by lots of politicians as he is credited with getting the current President of USA elected. Though he is successful, he is going through a lot of traumatic events in his personal life. At this juncture, an Egyptian woman who plans to run for presidency in her country seeks Rick's help. The play ends with Rick on the verge of making a decision to accept the President's re-election campaign or the Egyptian woman's offer.

John Kishline was amazing as Rick Sterling and he held the whole play together. It might be slightly difficult for Indians to relate to this play as it requires understanding that the American president is "manufactured" by a series of corporate deals, high profile endorsements and a high pitched campaign which involves a well organized team of hard working professionals in the background.