Relationships that defy logic

Sun 24 July 2011 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Some bonds transcend logic and blood relationships. When was the last time you experienced this?

This morning, my neighbour's mother whom I fondly called "Paati" (grandmother in Tamil) passed away. She was an active lady who cared for everyone and bore no ill feelings against anyone. She knew my culinary likes and would get those tasty dishes over just for me whenever she cooked them or would cook for me when my parents would be out of town despite my vehement protestations. Before I started off on a new step of life or on success, she would be among the first to wish me in the neighbourhood.

I never understood her feelings especially since I was just a neighbour's son and rarely met her. But today, in her passing I have realized the importance of those feelings and feel guilty that I did not reciprocate.

"Paati", you will be missed and may your soul rest in peace.