Time to grow up

Sat 19 March 2011 by Thejaswi Puthraya

This world is full of immature kids! Kids, who might have grown up physically and hold responsible positions in society but display immaturity by posting your private conversations with them on online public fora. Conversations that are harmless, with titbits of gossip and usually forgotten in a few moments.

These kids seem to think they are 'Wikileaks' and get a kick out of doing this. Atleast, Wikileaks posts confidential conversations 'as is' with sensitive information hidden. They realize that posting the entire conversation would spoil the fun and they attempt summarizing hours long conversation under 140 characters. Some cool feat! Only, they get it wrong 'all' the time. They butcher the context and portray you in bad light.

Twitter and Facebook are weapons of mass destruction in their hands. They destroy your credibility among the masses on these fora through their childish actions.

Hey kids, it's totally my fault for having trusted you. I deserve to flog myself for this mistake. Not just in my eyes, you are degrading your image indulging in such immature acts.

GROW UP kids, it's time you really GROW UP!