5 funny myths on losing weight

Tue 12 January 2010 by Thejaswi Puthraya

With the new year day past us, lots of us would have made resolutions. It's another matter that most of the resolutions would have already been forgotten by now. A couple of friends resolved to lose weight and regain their shape.

In India, where every Tom, Dick and Harry gives free advice, obese people need to be discerning. They shoudl ascertain facts and not act desperately. With due regards to obese people, most of them fall prey to pedestrian advice and eventually become a laughing stock.

Here is a list of such funny advice that I have overheard in ascending order of comedy:

  • Dieting:

    "Don't consume carbohydrates"

    "Don't eat greasy food"

    Heard these before? Dieting is by far the most common advice given and most people actually fall for this. Off late, some people are taking this very seriously that it is losing it's comic value.

    It is a scientifically proven fact that our body needs all nutrients in optimum quantities and depriving the body of these is only going to harm it further.

  • Regulate your breath:

    "Control your breathing and you can lose weight"

    If this were true, you don't even have to watch what you eat!

  • काट को काट स निकाला जाता ह:

    In English, a thorn is to be removed with a thorn. I heard some chap giving this advice to his brother in a train. He was suggesting his brother to eat so much junk food that his body's metabolism reverses and he starts losing weight. Outright stupid and suicidal! Don't even attempt this in your dream!

  • Kareena did it, so can I!:

    Kareena Kapoor became (in)famous after her size-zero look was unveiled but it is foolishness if you believe that you too can lose weight the same way. Every human body is different and no weight loss method is sure shot or foolproof.

  • Paying for your sins:

    "Your obesity is a punishment for your previous life's sins. Do good deeds and you'll lose weight."

    This one's got to be the funniest! I overheard my friend's grandmother share this advice and I burst out laughing on her face! Going by this, all slim people were probably priests in their previous life. If you really want people to do good, then think of a better story.

Come on folks! How gullible can you be? Such stupid advice should never be attempted but laughed at. Did you or your friends get any such advice? If yes, please do share them with us and spread the cheer!