Shocked by the terror strikes in Mumbai

Sat 29 November 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

Shocked by the terror strikes in Mumbai

It's been a harrowing 60 odd hours for the Mumbaikars and they have shown great resilience through this period. Now that the operation of neutralizing the terrorists is officially over, the finger-pointing by politicians will soon start.

We are tired off this, every political party has already done a lot of this and this futile exercise hasn't benefitted either them or the common man. For God's sake, please stop treating us as vote banks and listen to our real needs and problems.

So who owns up for the failure to avert this attack? Oh, as the home minister clearly mentioned a day after the attack that it was an "intelligence failure". Doesn't he head the intelligence department, so isn't he responsible? And he can't keep escaping all the time with the same lame excuse. He has got to own up and resign. He has shamed all Indians across the globe and if he has any respect for democracy and people's opinions he should put in his papers immediately. He is already guilty of too many lapses during his tenure and this can't go on further!!!

Mr. Inept Home Minister, you haven't become a minister by contesting an election but by getting yourself nominated in the Rajya Sabha. Try contesting an election in any of the cities where the attacks took place and you will not even be able to hold your deposit.

I really would like to thank all Indians for staying together throughout this whole tragedy and not giving this event communal colours.

My sincere congratulations to the armed forces and the police for handling this situation professionally and my heart goes out to all the casualities on their side. Their sacrifices will not go in vain, they are martyrs and shall be remembered forever.

I also want to condole the death of civilians, Indians and foreigners alike.

We have got to show the terrorists that we will get back to our lives as soon as possible and make progress on all fronts. We are not cowards and will show them what we are!!!

Jai Hind.

Update: As mentioned there was enough mudslinging and heads have rolled, Shivraj Patil has resigned. Though I loathe BJP and it's ideologies, I concur with them that Shivraj Patil's action is "too little and too late. And what more can you expect from political parties that are already in election-mode.