My new companion

Fri 25 January 2008 by Thejaswi Puthraya

My new companion

Today, I purchased a notebook computer. (the IBM ThinkPad R61 7733-AE1).

IBM R-61 Front View Thumb IBM-R61 Back View Thumb IBM-R61 Side View Thumb

I am thoroughly impressed with the build quality of the machine. This notebook fit my requirements perfectly and I didn't have to shell out a rupee to Microsoft because it came only with PC-Dos. I took a live-cd of Ubuntu along to the store and checked up if all the peripherals would get detected. After booting in I had a look at the dmesg log and figured out that this notebook was perfect for Linux. Back home, I installed Fedora and tried out a few test threaded programs with two cpus and a solo cpu.

Conclusion: Threaded applications perform better off on multiple cpus but the programming becomes slightly cumbersome and needs lots of care.